We have all heard the British slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” but who knew that the poster with that phrase was planned to be issued only upon the invasion of Britain by Germany during WWII which never happened. Posters were mostly destroyed but years later some were discoverd and the popularity of the phrase is now global.

Winter is still with much of the US, so even more time to get those Healeys sorted for the 2019 season…..seems there will be lots of miles logged with the conclave in Deadwood, SD this September. The response has been overwhelming with nearly 250 registrations - four different hotels will have Healeys in their parking lots!

There will be lots of open roads for this trip to the Black Hills, do check your wheels and tires NOW so you are not stuck in a remote area trying to find the right size. Tires for our Healeys are deemed an “odd size” these days and inventories are better early in the year than mid summer.

“Be Prepared” as Baden-Powell (an English soldier) who devised the Scout motto in 1907 always said!