Well not sure about the entire USA, but here in WI we are about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. At the rate we are going, snow total might break a record as well!

Had a car on a charger hoping to get some fall color tours in, but while the leaves were turning, they salted the roads….so that idea is done for this year.

So time to think about getting the gas tank full with maybe an additive or some high octane race gas in the tank and of course the annual reminder:


The manufacturers of these everflex tops recommend that you keep the top up, except for when driving and while that is not always practical, really do this for the winter months. So check out this photo of a top left down for about one year and how it looked prior many hours of working with a heat gun and steamer. The top clamps could not be secured and if they could have been, the windshield might have cracked.

Even if you cannot completely secure the clamps, pull the top up!!!!!